The company has presented its new international sandwich products for the Horeca Channel

Europastry has increased its portfolio of finished breads (ready to defrost, fill and serve) in response to Horeca Channel trends and to provide restaurateurs with quick and easy ways to prepare their dishes.

A very trendy Oriental snack

The Pan Bao is a very versatile Premium product that has become a key trend among top chefs in recent months.  The name 'bao' means 'to wrap', hence its shape as a small bun made from crustless dough that is folded in the middle around any kind of filling, whether sweet or savoury.

Europastry is the only company to produce this frozen bun in Spain. Bao buns are prepared according to one of the simplest and most popular culinary techniques of the Far East (above all, on the islands of Taiwan and the Philippines) using a wheat flour dough that is cooked in a steam oven and given two short fermentations. The result is a soft, spongy and delicate Pan Bao that is convenient for professionals to handle and use in tapas, snacks and mini sandwiches, etc.

Breads from all over the world

Thought to originate from a Low German word meaning 'little cakes', the English Muffin (also known as a hot muffin or breakfast muffin) is a bread of English origin that is round in shape and dusted with maize flour. Europastry's muffins are made with yeast and without any artificial colourings. With a spongy texture and a very special taste, they're ideal for a conventional breakfast, sandwiches or as an accompaniment.

The company has also presented its own version of the traditional Italian Panino, a delicious bread made with a mixture of white and wholemeal wheat flours plus sunflower seeds and oat flakes within. With a consistent crumb and square, pre-cut format, the Europastry Panino is ideal for all kinds of fillings and preparation methods. (If a crunchier crust is required, all it needs is a quick blast in the oven).

Among its new international sandwich launches, Europastry presents the new Hot Dog product. This deliciously soft and flavoursome bread roll for hot dogs has been made according to an authentic original recipe, but with one innovation: a lengthwise cut in the surface to make it easier to fill consistently, and to eat. Finally, the company has increased its range of hamburger breads (Panburger), with the Burger Soft variety, a soft, smooth option with a touch of dairy. It's ideal for preparing on the grill, thanks to its shiny crust and attractive toasted colour. 

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