The company is consolidated as the European leader in doughnut sales. Sales increased by 40% in the international markets. The plant that prepares the Dots produces one million units per day.

Europastry, the leading company in the frozen dough sector, sold the most doughnuts in Europe in 2011. The company supplied 300 million Dots, which was a 15% increase with respect to the previous year, and invoiced 41 million euros. The important role in the international market must be highlighted, where the company made 33% of its sales, which was a 40% increase with respect to 2010.

Of the total sales of Dots in the foreign market, sales in Europe surpassed 84%. The product also enjoyed great success in markets as far away as USA, Australia, South Africa and Singapore, as well as South Korea, where there are 20 Dots brand stores.

Europastry Dots doughnuts offer significant benefits for marketing and consumption, since they are distributed frozen, thus maintaining all their properties intact. The product has no artificial colours or preservatives and, after defrosting, can be consumed as freshly baked. Europastry doughnuts are also prepared without partially hydrogenated fats (the first Spanish manufacturer to do so), and the company also produces “nut free” doughnuts (free from allergens) for certain markets.

Europastry forecasts a further 15% increase in Dots sales for the current period, with the international market being one of the growth drivers. With respect to the Spanish market, an additional factor driving Dots sales in Spain will be the launch of Europastry doughnuts in major retail outlets in the fresh bakery section, with containers of four units aimed at the end consumer.

One million Dots per day in the Rubí plant

Dots are produced in the Europastry plant in Rubí (Barcelona), which was inaugurated in 2002. This centre, the most modern in Europe in the production of these types of products, employs 150 people who produce one million doughnuts per day. It also has the BRC quality certificate (the standard for food suppliers in the food distribution sector) at the highest level. During the last year, Europastry expanded and renovated its facilities, incorporating the latest technologies, which brought the total investment in the plant to 60 million euros since its opening

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