These high quality muffins are attractive thanks to their new presentation design in capsules and their decoration, which includes more topping. The wide range of flavours of Les Tûlipes includes the Red Velvet muffin, with a spongy chocolate texture and filled with abundant white chocolate cream.

Europastry has renewed its renowned Les Tûlipes muffins range and launched the new Red Velvet flavour, which completes the range of these exquisite muffins aimed at the Horeca channel (hotels, restaurants and catering) as well as bakeries and pastry shops.

The new Les Tûlipes muffins are presented in a capsule, like a delicious treasure. Europastry also wanted to make these muffins more attractive by applying more topping to each one and lavishing a drop of its delicious and abundant filling on top.

The Les Tûlipes range is extremely practical, since the muffins only need to be defrosted and are ready to sell as freshly baked. The six varieties are sold in bulk (boxes of 16 units) and are produced with no artificial colours or flavours and with no partially hydrogenated fats. 

The six Les Tûlipes varieties are:

Tûlipe Red Velvet: This delicious muffin is made with an irresistible red colour chocolate, has a spongy and velvety texture and is filled with abundant white chocolate cream. The temptation of red!

Tûlipe Caramel: Crunchy pecan nuts on spongy dough. Irresistible caramel cream on the inside. A delicious treat!

Tûlipe Yoghurt & Cranberry: A Tûlipe full of smooth Greek yoghurt cream and cranberry pieces. An exquisite home-made flavour.

Tûlipe Chocolate Extreme: A delicious chocolate dough with small chocolate chips and a creamy cocoa filling. An intense chocolate explosion.

Tûlipe Fruits: Created with a pear compote base, full of delicious cream and chopped almonds. Simply irresistible.

Tûlipe Cheesecake: A spongy dough with a cheesecake flavour filled with delicious raspberry jam, decorated on top with a crunchy crumble. A tasty treat.

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