The frozen dough company is given this honour for their research in food products related with quality and health fields.

Europastry, one of the leading companies in frozen dough in Europe, has received the Marc Viader Award from the Catalan Centre for Nutrition of the Institute for Catalan Studies (CCNIEC). The group was awarded to Innovation in Food Products, and this honour is recognition of Europastry’s dedication in the R&D area, one of the pillars of the company and the basis of its growth.

Joan Quilez, Director of Technology of Europastry, received the award from Domènec Vila, Director-General of Food, Quality and Agri-Food Industry of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The CCNIEC highlighted that the distinction was awarded to Europastry "for its strong boost to research in the nutritional improvement of their products." In this sense, the Catalan Centre for Nutrition has emphasized the pioneer role of Europastry in eliminating partially hydrogenated fats (trans fats). Following the reception of the prize, Quilez further explained that the company is determined to reduce the salt level in bread using alternative ones. Thereby, Europastry’s bread will be in conformance with international recommendations regarding the high prevalence of hypertension, without modifying their sensory properties. "This is a very important step in the improvement of the community nutrition," added Quilez.

During the event, held at the headquarters of the Institute for Catalan Studies in Barcelona, the company Borges has also been distinguished with the Best Industry Initiative on Food Award and the Professor Abel Mariné received the Ramon Turró Award for Excellence Trajectory in the Nutrition Field.

The CCNIEC it is formed by all recognized research groups dedicated to Food, Nutrition and Metabolism of the Catalan speaking areas (Catalan Countries). Established in 1999, the main purpose of this organism is to contribute to the basic and applied nutrition research as to improve the quality education and information of society regarding nutrition.

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