The company has relaunched its Gran Reserva Country Loaves range, in line with market trends for Clean Label and local products.

Europastry has relaunched its Gran Reserva Country Loaves range, in line with market trends that have seen increased demand for Clean Label and local products. This relaunch is part of the company’s commitment to health and balanced diets, and has been designed within the framework of its “From the field to the fork” campaign.

Europastry’s new Gran Reserva range now offers an improved recipe that is free from additives and made from sourdough originating from carefully-selected local wheat.

To produce the best bread possible, the company has selected the highest quality wheat from local farms, and monitors the cultivation and harvesting processes to achieve the optimum flour from which to produce the GR range. The wheat has been selected from various producers, located in the Ebro Valley, Huesca and Vega de Albacete. Thanks to the particular growing environments in each area, the company is able to achieve the perfect combination of flour and sourdough, and watches over each ear of wheat from seed to harvest. The result is a more natural, additive-free loaf that recreates the authentic flavour of traditional bread.

What’s more, the Gran Reserva breads require a long fermentation process and are made with sourdough to achieve a superior texture and flavour, allowing for easier digestion and absorption of their nutrients. The finished product is a rustic-looking loaf with a golden, crunchy crust and nutty aroma, and a spongy, honeycombed crumb within. Gran Reserva loaves are also richer in protein and last longer. All in all, it’s a bread that’s closer to nature and with better health benefits, in order to respond to the needs of today’s consumers.

Europastry’s Gran Reserva range comprises a total of 12 items: the loaf formats, Baguettes, Wholemeal Baguette, Multigrain Baguette and Cuvée Demi Baguette.     

New website

As part of its commitment to offer healthier products of local provenance, Europastry has launched a new website, which explains the careful selection and preparation processes that every Gran Reserva Country Loaf undergoes, as well as the other product lines that also contain local wheat flours.

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