Pop Dots are Dots holes and they are presented coated with sugar or with chocolate flavour coating.

Europastry has launched its Pop Dots, tender and spongy miniatures made from their uthentic Dots dough. These mini sweet treats are presented in two varieties: coated with sugar (Pop Dots Sugar) or with chocolate flavour coating (Pop Dots Choco).  Dots holes offer many possibilities: they can be filled with chocolate, jam, cream, etc.; you can use different toppings to decorate or serve them with sticks to create lollipops.

Pop Dots have important advantages for their commercialization and consumption. As they are distributed frozen, they preserve intact all their properties. They do not contain any preservatives or artificial colourings and only need to be thawed and are ready to serve. Additionally, Pop Dots are made without partially hydrogenated fats (first national manufacturer to do so).

With Pop Dots, Europastry aims to exceed the expectations and needs of its customers, who are divided between the Horeca Channel (catering, restaurants and cafes), hyper and supermarkets and Traditional Channel (bakeries and patisserie).

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