The Rustic Bread is a wide, rustic baguette produced using the triple fermentation process. This product is characterised by a honeycombed crumb and a crunchy crust. It also has a finish that sets it apart with diamond shaped cuts and a dusting of flour.

The Triangle Genovese Focaccia is an Italian artisanal bread made using sourdough and a double fermentation process. One of the ingredients that makes it stand out is olive oil, which gives it a characteristic and distinctive aroma and flavour. Its topping mixture of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, flax and sesame seeds, nutmeg and malted barley flour really marks it out from the rest. For those who prefer a more traditional loaf, Europastry now offers the Round Genovese Focaccia made from a soft dough and decorated with white poppy seeds. These belong to the Genovese range of products, which are made respecting Italian manufacturing processes and traditions.

With the launches of the Triangle and Round Genovese Focaccias, Europastry is broadening its already well-established Fully Baked range with choices like the Roman Focaccia or the Aegean Panini. The Fully Baked range is perfect for a speedy and efficient service, as it can be defrosted according to demand, saving time and money, and gaining in performance and choice.

In the pastry section, Europastry has presented the Mini Ball Dots are sweet pastries with a tender and fluffy consistency with a milk chocolate or caramel filling. The Choc Mini Ball Dots is covered with a crunchy milk chocolate coating with hazelnut pieces, and the Caramel Mini Ball Dots, with white chocolate and pieces of caramel crunch.

The Mix Box Dots is the perfect colourful addition to make our range stand out. Now they come in 3 trays with 12 units each. Three different flavours: Pinky Dots, Confetti Dots & Choc Sprinkled Dots

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