The company is constantly innovating and improving its products to make them healthier

Europastry, the leader in frozen dough products in Spain has presented the website “Hechos con corazón” - which means “Made with love” - at This launch marks a new step in the company's commitment to consumer health.

Europastry has taken a step further and has renewed its commitment in accordance with the spirit of evolving every day and anticipating market needs in order to deliver the best quality to customers. Europastry is innovative in its production methods, products, services and its image in order to remain an industry leader.

Hechos con corazón reflects the company’s practices in four areas: ingredients, quality, projects and the world. In the area of ingredients, Europastry operates a very strict policy of only offering products made with the best. In the area of quality, all our products are made without preservatives and we never use any artificial flavourings or colours. In fact, Europastry was the pioneer in its sector for eliminating partially hydrogenated fats. The company is involved in charitable initiatives which we strongly believe in: whether it is working with the Food Bank or with the Josep Carreras Foundation, to name a few. Finally, in the world section, there is an outline describing Europastry's involvement in various environmental reclamation projects.

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