Europastry launches a new formula so consumers can enjoy a healthier bread without giving up the original flavour, as the increasing number of hypertensive people requires consumers to reduce their salt intake.

Europastry, one of the leading frozen dough and pastry companies in Europe, has launched a new range of bread that contain less salt and more potassium, thinking of a healthier diet without giving up the original and good flavour of genuine bread.

Excessive salt intake and lack of potassium are two factors common among today's population, which has been significantly increasing the number of sufferers of hypertension. In order to maintain the balance between these two nutrients, Europastry innovation team has created a range of breads with less salt and more potassium, and thus promote a balanced diet in which bread has a prominent position and cares for our well-being. In this way, Europastry helps maintain blood pressure levels due to the balance reached with the new recipe, which keeps the original flavour and appearance.

The types of breads that make up this salt-reduced range are Kornspitz (with sunflower seeds, buckwheat, brown and golden flax and sesame), Wholemeal Baguette (with wheat bran), Multiseed Baguette (with sunflower seeds) and 5 Cereal Baguette (with sunflower seeds, flax, sesame, wheat flakes and oats). Although Europastry started with these references, the intention of the company is to expand the range with more products.

The salt-reduced breads are consequence of the effort that Europastry puts on the sake of health and wellness, with products such as the range of gluten-free breads and initiatives such as the elimination of partially hydrogenated fats.

Recently, Europastry received the Marc Viader Award from the Catalan Centre for Nutrition of the Institute for Catalan Studies (CCNIEC). The group was awarded to Innovation in Food Products, and this honour is recognition of Europastry’s dedication in the R&D area, one of the pillars of the company and the basis of its growth. Joan Quilez, Director of Technology of Europastry, received the award, a distinction to Europastry’s "strong boost to research in the nutritional improvement of their products", and emphasised the pioneer role of Europastry in eliminating partially hydrogenated fats.

Furthermore, Joan Quílez published in a recent issue of the prestigious journal Nutrition Reviews, an extensive article about bread without salt. The article, which Quílez signs together with the Universitat Rovira i Virgili’s professor Jordi Salas-Salvado, reviews the beneficial effects of a diet low in sodium and high in potassium and the initiatives and European legislation following this topic, as well as the commercial effects on products.

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