Europastry presents one of Europe’s most modern production plants for pre-proofed pastries, a new 4,200 square metre building requiring an investment of 20 million euros. Around 50% of total production will be for export and the line reproduces the traditional method used by boulangers or artisan bread-makers, using long resting times to achieve one of the most exclusive ranges of butter pastries.

Today, the Most Honourable President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Mr. Artur Mas, opened the new Europastry plant in Sarral (Tarragona, Spain), one of the most modern in Europefor producing high end pre-proofed pastries. The design of the production process, which reproduces the artisan methods employed in traditional bakeries, together with the use of premium quality butter, results in an exceptional puff pastry dough which is the basis of croissants and other select speciality pastries.

The new production line occupies a 4,200 square-metre building and will create 120 jobs both directly and indirectly. The Sarral expansion, requiring an investment of 20 million euros, has turned the production centre into one of the most modern in Europe working with this type of product. Invest in Catalonia, the Generalitat of Catalonia department for attracting and promoting investment, has provided support for the company throughout the entire process of investing in the Tarragona plant.

President of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, was accompanied at the opening ceremony by the Director of Industry, Antoni Maria Grau; the Catalan Government Delegate in the province of Tarragona, Joaquim Nin; President of Tarragona Provincial Council, Josep Poblet, and the Mayor of Sarral, Josep Amill.

The Executive President of Europastry, Jordi Gallés, emphasised the company’s strong commitment to innovation since its inception, when it took the step of investing in technology to transform an artisan bakery business into a large-scale concern. “Selling croissants to France is proof of the quality that we have achieved and backs the company's strong commitment to innovation”, argued Gallés.

Technology at the service of artisan methods

Production on this line will concentrate particularly on making high quality croissants and other specialities. The merit of this process lies in having managed to reproduce the artisan production methods used by genuine boulangers with state-of-the-art technology, a coupling that has resulted in a high-end product. Premium butter as a raw ingredient is one of the key factors in the artisan process, which involves leaving the dough to rest for long periods to achieve the distinctive puff pastry with its unique flavour and appearance.

A total investment of 60 million euros and 330 employees

The Sarral plant began operating in 1991 and since then the company has invested over 60 million euros in the facility. It currently consists of three buildings covering an area of 17,700 square metres, producing bread and pastries and with a workforce of 330 employees.

International market

Europastry estimates that around 50% of the high-end products it makes are destined for sale abroad, in countries such as France, Germany, The Netherlands, Unites States, Singapore and South Korea. Production will continue to be linked to demand, with plans to grow the business for this type of product.

Europastry views this new line as a further move forward in its commitment to quality. The company aims to exceed its customers’ expectations and needs. The company is a European benchmark in the frozen dough sector, basing its growth on innovation and international sales. Europastry was the first to make this type of product free of partially hydrogenated fats (trans-fats); all its ranges are made without preservatives or colorants and the company is working towards the complete elimination of artificial additives.

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