The company was recognised for its project, “Sodium-reduced bread as a source of potassium”

Europastry, the leading company in frozen dough products in Spain was honoured by the Minister of Health, Ana Mato, receiving the “VII Nutrition, Physical Exercise and Prevention of Obesity (NAOS) Strategy Prize for the Best Business Initiative of 2013”. The prize, awarded by the Consumer Affairs, Food Security and Nutrition Agency (AECOSAN), acknowledges the positive impact on public health of the project “Sodium-reduced bread as a source of potassium”.

Europastry’s aim was to produce sodium-reduced bread in a number of existing products in its range by replacing a part of the sodium with potassium.

Based on average per capita consumption, this change means a reduction in the intake of salt corresponding to 0.5 grams per day per person for this bread's consumers.

During 2013, Europastry re-launched several types of breads on the market in salt-reduced and potassium-rich varieties. Over the next few years all of the Company's speciality breads will be salt-reduced. This project once again demonstrates Europastry’s commitment to consumer health. The company has undertaken several projects that highlight how they it was the first in its sector to eliminate hydrogenated fats or Trans fats from its pastry products.

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