The Spanish multinational follows in the footsteps of the leading markets in the bakery sector such as Germany and France. The ‘Healthy Bread’ range is characterised by its natural preparation method, a careful selection of raw materials and the incorporation of natural ingredients that aid digestive health.

Europastry, the leading Spanish company in the production and marketing of par-baked bread, goes one step further in the functional foods market with the launch of the ‘Pan Salud’ range, breads with added ingredients that stimulate and benefit the health with a flavour that is the same as or better than traditional bread. With this launch, Europastry continues to be committed to the innovation and development of new healthy products by following the methods used in the leading countries such as Germany and France with great tradition in bread preparation and consumption.

The Spanish multinational, which is renowned for preparing quality bread using a natural process and based on careful selection of raw materials, opts to enrich the dough with ingredients such as Omega 3, fibre, seeds and cereal husks, which help to maintain and empower good health, without losing the soft and fresh texture or the flavour. The new ‘Healthy Bread’ range, as with all Europastry breads, maintains its quality with only natural ingredients added to the recipe, without using additives or preservatives, in order to provide the bread a functional nature.

The ‘Healthy Bread’ range, which is marketed under the brand names Frida and Yaya María, has four varieties: Oatmeal Bread, Whole Fibre Bread, Omega 3 Bread and unsalted Wholemeal Bread, which aid digestive health, reduce cholesterol and control blood pressure.

The Oatmeal Bread and the Whole Fibre Bread are a rich source of fibre, which is normally deficient in our diets. Both breads have a greater satiating effect than normal bread, which is why it is recommended as an accompaniment in diets where required.

The linseed in Omega-3 Bread provides important Omega 3 acids, which are considered good fats for the health since they help to improve cardiovascular health in general.

The unsalted Wholemeal Bread, in addition to the benefits of fibre, has a low sodium content which helps to maintain normal and balanced blood pressure.

Functional food products have recorded a significant advance in recent years in Europe, and it is estimated that in 2020, 30% of the total Spanish consumption will come from these references. It is a trend that the bread-making sector has begun to incorporate from the main European markets and which is recording a growth rate of 7% per year, according to Euromonitor International data. 

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