The facilities, into which more than five million euros has been invested and one of the most modern in Spain, are equipped with the latest generation technology and enable the company to establish new distribution routes. Europastry, one of the leading frozen dough and pastry companies in Europe, can transport its product to any part of the world and serve it as freshly baked thanks to the cold storage.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, has inaugurated the new Europastry logistics platform, a leading Spanish multinational firm in the production and preparation of par-baked bread, with more than 2,700 workers and 380 million euros in annual invoicing. The company, which now has 11 production centres on the Iberian Peninsula, has invested more than five million euros into these new facilities located in Villa de Vallecas, making them one of the most modern in Spain dedicated to frozen dough supply. Europastry is a leading Spanish multinational company renowned for producing quality breads, following the traditional method but incorporating new technologies, and using natural ingredients without additives or preservatives, which makes it a more traditional bread.

The new logistics platform, which has created more than 100 direct and indirect jobs, is equipped with semi-automated refrigerated storage (-18ºC temperature) which incorporates latest generation technology equipment such as product storage with satellite trolleys and “voice picking”. With capacity for 4,000 pallets, the company has new strategic distribution routes from the modern facilities.

The Spanish multinational produces high quality bread with natural yeast dough and long fermentation times, which is frozen when half cooked for transport to any part of the world and finished by baking at the point of sale, which enables consumption as freshly baked bread. “It is vitally important for Europastry to have a technologically advanced logistics platform such as this, fitted with modern management systems and strategically located for reaching the customers, wherever they are in the world”, says Jordi Gallés, president of the company.

Europastry is a company that has geographical expansion and innovation as its two main growth drivers. The company, which is present in more than 20 markets worldwide, is the undisputed leader in the Spanish and Portuguese markets, and is the third-leading company in Europe in its business segment with a significant presence in countries such as France, Germany, Belgium and Holland. In Holland, the company opened a commercial subsidiary two years ago from which it empowers its presence in central and northern European countries and is one of the five company-owned branches between Europe and the United States.

The other important markets for the company are the United Kingdom, USA, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, South Africa and Australia. One example of this international track record is the company’s activity in South Korea, where Europastry launched its products last year and where a successful network of 20 franchises has been established.

In the last three years, the company has invested 130 million euros into its industrial plants in order to increase its production and storage capacity. The company also allocates significant resources to the innovation and development of new products with an average annual investment of more than 12 million euros.

The Spanish multinational has always been renowned for leading the introduction of new technologies in the sector. From its beginnings, when the idea of ultra-frozen bread was imported into Spain, up until the present time, its innovations in production processes, conservation and transport -such as automation of the mixing process and the incorporation of liquid fermentations- have made the company a reference in Europe. Europastry has pioneered the removal of hydrogenated fats from its entire pastry range, making it healthier and meeting market demands.

The inauguration of the Europastry logistics platform was also attended by the Minister for the Economy and Finance, Percival Manglano Albacar and the Minister for the Environment and Territory Planning, Ana Isabel Mariño Ortega.

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