Best practice manual

Tips for Fripan's products

Best practice manual

It is important to know the potential that our products can offer to your business and the best way to handle them from the moment they arrive at your establishment until they are served.

In this section you will find some practical advice that will be useful to get the most out of our products and to satisfy your customers.

  • Storage

    It is important to immediately store frozen products inside the freezer.

    Recommended temperature is -18ºC.

  • Thawings

    Thaw the product in a protected atmosphere. Place on oven trays or on silicone paper. Follow the recommended thawing time.

  • Proofing

    If proofing is required, it is important to follow the handling instructions of each product.

    It can be left out all night at room temperature.

    For adequate fermentation, fermentation chambers, whether controlled or direct, should be used. This equipment offers better conditions for fermentation (28-30ºC and 80% humidity).

    Bread can be left out at ambient temperature all night, but flows of air should be avoided because it will get excessively dry.

  • Handling before baking

    Bread: Bread should be thawed completely before baking.

    Fully baked bread: Does not require baking, but can be toasted or flash baked for an extra crunch.

    Ready to proof pastries: Brush with egg before baking (except for "ensaimadas")

    Bake off pastries: No proofing required. Thaw and bake.

  • Handling while baking

    Place the pastry/bread in the oven when it has reached the proper temperature.

    Remember not to open the oven while the product is baking and follow the cooking time indicated for each reference. Once cooked, remove the product and let it cool on the same tray without putting anything on top of it.

  • Decoration

    Decoration of sweet pastries: Paint the pastries with gelatine or syrup to make them stand out more. You can also sprinkle grain sugar or icing sugar on top for a more glazed look, or decorate it with toasted almonds, chocolate chips or coloured sprinkles.

    Decoration of savoury pastries: Decorate with sesame seeds, oregano, grated cheese, chopped pistachios or olives before baking the product.

  • Display

    Paper doilies or trays are a good base to display the product.

    Put the products that you want to sell most in the most visible part of your display case.

    The products your customers demand most can be put in the least visible part of your display case.

    It is advisable to change the display case products in the morning and again in the afternoon and separate the sweet from the savoury products.