A lifetime devoted to pastry and bread

Our teamwork and continuous improvement efforts have turned Fripan into an unstoppable company.

As experts at delivering pleasure, our production process is geared towards traditional bread making experience: top-quality natural ingredients, long fermentation delivering a unique taste, passion and imagination to create new textures and colours... an everlasting tradition, like our commitment and eagerness.

Masters and lovers of the art of bread making since 1963.

The Greatest Team

Fripan brand is member of the Europastry group, one of the leading baked goods companies in Europe.

Behind our company, a team of highly-qualified professionals collaborate side by side in every business process, from product innovation to logistics, working hard every day to get closer to our costumers. Over 20,000 customers from five continents rely on us – a big company with 11 production plants, 2 silos for logistics and 6 offices across the globe.

Accompanied by efficient logistics

Today we are increasingly present in many countries and, thanks to an established logistics network with facilities located in major cities, we are able to deliver our products all over the world.

Accompanied by continuous innovation

Our increasing investment in R&D means we are able to launch more than 30 new products every year and be pioneers in the frozen dough sector innovation.